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political situation in the sense it's so close to an election. if the federal government is deemed not to have prepared people properly for this and it becomes another mini katrina situation, it could be literally an election wrecker for the president. conversely, if he handles this very well and it is a huge storm, that can win him the election. it can be politically very important. >> let's be clear. the record is obvious to me, the president has -- we saw what happened in the past in katrina. the president has been very aggressive putting his own boots on the ground. he came through the state of new jersey when we had flooding and the like. so this president to me, he's already proven that point and i know, i know from my work in preparing today, that the federal government is ready for this challenge and they will meet it head-on and deal with the crisis and the aftermath. and i know it's a political issue but i really want to reaffirm to people because the biggest mistakes i've seen often in these storms, especially in the obama administration, has not necessarily been the fed
with local and national governments to make sure we're providing services based on what is needed in the moment. >> from what you're seeing, do you feel the state and federal backup from the authorities has been sufficient? has the planning been right? >> absolutely. this isn't something that just happens once in a blue moon. we work with national government authorities on a regular basis to make sure there won't be hiccups in services and we know what services will be provided by what organizations. it's the best way for us to not duplicate services. it's the west wbest way to sit t the table together to know what the picture will look like, whether when we're in the middle of the response or a couple days when we start the recovery process. >> thank you for joining me. keep up the good work. >> thank you. >> breaking news. the u.s. death toll from sandy has risen to 12. 62-year-old man killed by a falling tree in pennsylvania. we'll have more after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a
between governor christie and barack obama is exactly how our government should work all of the time. i couldn't agree more. it's been a massive breath of fresh air to see a republican leader like chris christie so prepared to be openly praiseworthy of a democrat president. what did you think? >> well, they are on the front lines of this crisis, the emergency workers reach out to residents, i've seen cooperation between port authority police, my fire department. nobody stops and asks you what your religion is, nobody stops and asks you what your political party affiliation is. folks are just rolling up their sleeves, getting to work. so what you're seeing in the field, what you're seeing with residents, with emergency responders, is what we should be seeing with all our elected leaders as well. the president of the united states, our governor and really, dozens of local elected leaders of all parties across the state, we're all pulling together. we're all in the same foxhole, all fighting the same enemy here. it's not refreshing, frankly, that's the standard that built america in the pa
capitalism, have competing utilities. if you aren't going to do that, why isn't it a government-run operation. any time an entity with a bottomline, they think about how to spend as little as possible and that's why they are not upgrading and we're in the 19th and 20th century with the grid, the whole infrastructure. what is their incentive? they have no competition. i think that has to change. we have to get not allow a corporation to be able to control something that affects all our lives. >> a lot of people will be thinking this, especially if they are out of power for another week. one of the reasons this is so important, is the voting, 19 million americans may not vote next week, and your analysis of this is the vast that mormajorid probably vote for barack obama. >> u.s. did a poll in august, and a prediction of 90 million will not vote next tuesday. when they ask people who didn't vote, if you had to vote who would you vote for? and i think the number was 43% would vote for obama, and 18% would vote for romney. the nonvoters are easily 2-1 or 3-1 in favor of obama. so the real challeng
capitalism have competing utilities. if you are not going to do that why isn't a government run operation? anytime you put an entity they have to think of the bottom line. this they are trying to think how to spend as little money as a possible. that's why they are not upgrading and in the 19th and 20th century with our electrical and the grid structure. what's their incentive? they have no competition. they are a monopoly. i think that has to change. we need to noi not allow a corporation to be able to -- it affects all of our lives. >> if they are out of power another week they will really be thinking it. >> the voting, 90 million americans may not vote next week. your analysis of this is the vast majority of those, if they didn't vote would probably vote for barack obama. it could cost him the election. >> auts "usa today" did a poll in august and prediction of 90 million will not vote next tuesday when they asked if they had to vote for somebody who would you vote for and i think the number was something like 43% said they would vote for obama and 18% said they would vote for romney.
for the governor's office and for state government, the same thing again tomorrow, so the people will be able to stay home and take care of their homes and stay out of the way of emergency traffic that might be out on the road tonight and tomorrow. >> governor, continue your good work. i hope you get it all sorted there. it's going to be one hell of a mess, that's for sure. appreciate you joining the show tonight. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your wishes. >> joining me on the phone is another governor, bob mcdonnell of virginia, where more than a foot of rain is expected. thank you for joining me. >> thanks, piers. >> how bad are things there? >> we're going into day three plus for some of our people in southeast virginia, virginia beach started raining friday night. they've had some pretty significant flooding in and around norfolk and virginia beach, the eastern shore has been hit pretty hard. we've got a lot of additional folks called up, lot of state police, about 700 members of the national guard. the problems right now are primarily northern virginia, where they're having 40 mi
now, the president of the american red cross, gail mcgovern. thank you very much for joining me. >> thank you for having me on, piers. >> there have been criticisms that the red cross was a bit slow off the mark with staten island. do you accept that criticism and what reassurance can you give the people there now that they're getting your full attention? >> well, first, let me say that my heart goes out to the people on staten island and the people up and down the eastern seaboard. this has been a devastating, devastating disaster. we have about 14,000 people in shelters. we're serving 250,000 meals already. and it's a massive operation. and i completely understand why the people in staten island are frustrated. we're frustrated, too. we had sent out emergency response vehicles before this cry for help came but i completely understand why folks are frustrated and we were able to break through yesterday. the roads are snarled. there are fuel issues. we're sending volunteers from all over the country, almost all 50 states. we've got two-thirds of our emergency response vehicles g
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)